• Date: June 5, 2024
  • Time:19:30
  • Location: Bedford
  • Venue: Bedford - Esquires
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UUHAI + Guests
19:30, Wednesday 5th June
Esquires, Bedford
UUHAI is much more than just a music group – they are a complete experience, a captivating fusion of Mongolian Folk and Metal sounds that transcend cultural boundaries. Their indelible imprint on all those who have had the privilege of attending their concerts makes them pioneers in the world of music, and powerful cultural ambassadors for Mongolia.
“The program always includes the most exotic folk metal, throat singing accompanied by traditional instruments. An audacious sound, even more rooted in Mongolian tradition. Get ready for another moment of communion and collective frenzy!” – HELLFEST
Their remarkable journey began with a smashing entry onto the European stage during their inaugural tour, which brought together nearly 200,000 spectators at renowned festivals such as Bloodstock, Motocultor, Pol’and’Rock, Leyendas Del Rock, Rock Castle, to name just a few. Their magnetic presence and revolutionary music immediately captivated the crowds.
In 2024, UUHAI continues its meteoric rise with a tour across Europe, where they promise to push the boundaries of musical innovation even further. Their next significant step will be on the prestigious stage of HELLFEST OPEN AIR, a compelling testament to their growing power and the increasing recognition they receive as ambassadors of Mongolian culture worldwide.
With their unique ability to merge musical genres and create an enchanting experience, UUHAI continues to push the boundaries of music and thrill the hearts of their audience, thereby affirming their leadership position on the global Folk Metal scene.
Tickets available for £15 from SeeTickets on Wednesday 17th April at 10am.