Jim Jones All Stars

  • Date: March 12, 2022
  • Time:20:00
  • Location: Bedford
  • Venue: Bedford - Esquires
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Jim Jones All Stars

Live at Bedford Esquires, 8pm, Saturday 12th March 2022

No stranger to Bedford Esquires Rock ‘n’ roll hellion Jim Jones has introduced his new project.

The cult hero remains at the visceral edge of rock ‘n’ roll thrills, following work with Thee Hypnotics, Black Moses, The Jim Jones Revue, and Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind.

With world events scuppering his plans, Jim Jones has forged ahead, writing a new chapter with a fresh line up.

The Jim Jones All Stars are augmented by guitarist Carlton Mounsher, singer Ali Jones, drummer Chris Ellul and three-part sax section Stuart Dace, Chuchi Malapersona and Tom Hodges. Get with it and watch the Rock n Roll Juggernaut take flight!

“The whole COVID/Brexit problem just made it impossible to continue with The Righteous Mind,” says Jim Jones, “but with various live offers and opportunities still coming in I had to come up with something, or else just go insane. “Necessity, being the mother of invention, surprised us all when she delivered a healthy, heavyweight, blue-eyed amalgam of incendiary ramalama soul.”

He adds: “It’s a pleasure to have that much horn going on, as it allows me to plunge into the succulent, dark meat of the low-down, greasy, chitlin’ groove – that’s where all the flavour is!”

“There’s a whole new planet of killer songs and I’m landing on it now and preparing to plant my freak flag. And on top of that, we’re going to be deep-frying à la carte from my entire back catalogue.”

Jim finishes: “This is the gig you’ve been waiting for!

Tickets on sale now from Seetickets and in person booking fee free from Esquires Bar / Slide Record Store in Bedford & Vinyl Revelations in Luton from the 20th December.