• Date: October 27, 2018
  • Time:19:30
  • Location: Bedford
  • Venue: Esquires - Bedford
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A huge show lands at Bedford Esquires on Saturday 27th October featuring a triple rotating triple bill of RDF, BACK TO THE PLANET & CULTURE-SHOCK. One of a handful of dates in the UK we are expecting a very busy night with a line-up that would smash any UK alternative festival.

An early arrival is advised as the running order of the bands will be decided on the night.

RADICAL DANCE FACTION (R.D.F) were founded by Chris Bowsher in Hungerford, 1986, and were originally known as ‘Military Surplus’. The band experienced many line up changes, and Chris remained the only original member up to the time RDF split up (sometime in the late 1990’s). RDF’s music combined punk, dub, and ska, while Chris’ lyrics, spoken rather than sung, dealt mainly with political issues, such as the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 in the song Chinese Poem. Chris also witnessed first hand the Hungerford massacre, describing his experience in Hot on the Wire. RDF were a regular act on the UK free festival scene prior to the 1994 Criminal Justice Act, and were part of the crusty and anarcho punk movement. In August 2006 Military Surplus RDF reformed and played at the Endorse it in Dorset festival. more gigs are planned. * Steve Swann (RIP Dub Warrior), one of RDFs original line-up, co-founded the Revolutionary Dub Warriors & was also a member of the reformed, dub, ska band Dub The Earth. * Phil & Dan left RDF in 1995, and went onto form P.A.I.N * Linda went on to become a member of the band DF118 . * Mark McCarthey joined The Wonder Stuff in 2004. * Murph joined The Rhytmites

BACK TO THE PLANET – They played four consecutive Glastonbury Festivals and played many free festivals, including the Deptford Urban Free Festival and the Castlemorton Common Festival in 1992. BTTP were vociferous in their resistance to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. Their music blended elements of ska, dub, punk, and dance music. Their first album, Warning the Public, was released on their own record label, Arthur Mix Records, based in Hither Green. In 1993, the band signed to Parallel Records, and released a chain of singles. BTTP split not long after the release of Messages After The Bleep in 1995, to pursue personal music projects.

BTTP performed a reunion gig at the Red Star Bar in Camberwell on 10 December 2006. They also played at the Endorse It In Dorset Festival on 12 August 2007, and the main stage at the 2007 Beautiful Days festival, but to a smaller than expected crowd owing to them clashing with Bill Bailey. BTTP played the Paradise Gardens free festival, London on 25 May 2008, and at the Endorse It In Dorset, SolFest and Shambala festivals in summer 2008.

Back to the Planet appeared at Glastonbury, and EnDorset in Dorset during the summer of 2009.Back to the Planet played the Wickerman festival in 2010. They played the Levelling the Land Part II tour, along with The Levellers and Dreadzone, in December 2011, headlined Rogues Picnic in May 2012, and played Bearded Theory festival in May 2012.
Back to the Planet made a late-night appearance at The Bimble Inn at Beautiful Days Festival and continue to smash the festival circuit up and down the UK.

UK punk/ska pioneers Culture Shock . “Attention Span”, this is the band’s first new material since their reformation in 2013 & it picks up in fine style from where their legendary 1980’s “Go Wild”, “Onwards & Upwards” & “All The Time” releases left off. The tried & tested Culture Shock formula of hard hitting anti-establishment social commentary married with super infectious, raw & ragged punky ska rhythms never sounded better in fact! 10 fantastic songs are served up in total & they are not to be missed.

Tickets for this huge bill are on sale from Seetickets priced £16.50 and are available locally from the outlets of Slide Record Store / Mario’s Hair Design / Esquires Bar (cash only booking fee free)